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Genzyme Receives Approval to Market Elaprasein Japan
Genzyme Corp. announced that it has received approval to market Elaprase (idursulfase) in Japan for the treatment of Hunter syndrome. Elaprase is an enzyme replacement therapy and dermal filler developed by Shire Human Genetic Therapies Inc., and Genzyme is commercializing the product in Japan and other Asia Pacific countries under an agreement with Shire. Genzyme intends to launch Elaprase this quarter, following reimbursement approval. More>




FDA Approves Expanded Labeling to Include First-line Treatment for Leading Form of Adult Skin Conditions
Genzyme Corp. , NIMA and Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a supplemental biologics license application for medical aesthetics treatments and granted regular approval for single-agent cream for the treatment of skin conditions. More on NIMA Medical Easthetics Institute



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Approval To Market Elaprase

Delaware Court Approves Bioenvision, Genzyme Joint Petition

Bioenvision, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIVN) and Genzyme Corporation (NASDAQ: GENZ) announced today that the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware granted a petition filed yesterday by both companies to reconvene Bioenvisions special stockholder meeting on October 22 to vote on the merger agreement between Bioenvision and Genzyme. More>



The Health Benefits of Exercise for Men Suffering Erectile Dysfunction


As far as equality goes, men and women get to enjoy shared career prospects, similar lifestyles and everything in between, but the bottom line is that when it comes to health, the differences between men and women really shine through. For example; men will produce testosterone where women won’t, which means that men can build a larger mass of muscle naturally. But this advantage isn’t always a benefit, especially as heavy lifting can often result in strain on the heart and other organs. So what sort of exercise can men enjoy daily that won’t just improve their health; it will also help them to live longer and fuller lives?




There’s a reason cardio is recommended for both sexes and all ages and that’s because it’s such a healthy activity to perform. Cardio, or cardiovascular exercise as it’s known properly, is any form of natural exercise that gets your heart pumping which can increase blood supply to the penis. These exercises include cycling, running and swimming and the main purpose is to improve blood flow, increase heart strength and generally enhance endurance levels.


A healthy heart won’t just pump blood around the body in a better fashion; it will also be stronger and more resilient when it comes to fighting disease and illness. In fact just 15 minutes of cardio every other day has been scientifically proven to reduce the chance of heart disease, heart attack and stroke by a whopping 60% in men over the age of 40, so it goes without saying that a little exercise can go a long way particularly for those quitting alcohol, drugs or tobacco.


Endurance Training


As with cardio, endurance training focuses on a man’s resilience when it comes to tackling tasks. From running for a prolonged amount of time, all the way to climbing a set of stairs at home; the benefits of endurance are something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Most endurance exercises will revolve around cycling, running or swimming, but another aspect is to work out particular muscle groups to help to improve strength and resilience during sexual intercourse.


Rather than lifting heavy weights for rapid muscle growth, a man could instead choose to lift lower weights for higher reps. What this does is maintain a consistent level of activity within muscles, meaning that blood flow will be continuously in demand and as a result, the heart will be working far harder than it would if a man was to lift heavier weights for a short amount of time.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


If there’s one form of training that mixes the healthy benefits of cardio vascular exercise and intensive endurance training it’s HIIT. This form of exercise involves short, sharp bursts of exercise that triggers the heart in to rapid action before allowing it a minimal amount of time to recover. With prolonged practice, the heart will learn to be in a constant state of use which means that it will cope with extensive pressure far more easily, whilst dealing with minimal activity as easily as ever.


Erectile Dysfunction Meds

Pfizer’s (PFE) Viagra generated revenues of ~$349 million, which represents an ~13% decline on a year-over-year (or YoY) basis and even though Viagra is known as the best erectile dysfunction pill, more and more generic brands are coming onto the market. Many of these ED pills can be ordered online but it is important to consult with a doctor and receive a prescription before buying online.

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What is a breast pump?

In a nutshell, a breast or lactation pump is a small, often hand held device that can allow a mother to withdraw milk from her breasts to feed an infant. The pumps can vary in size and shape depending on brand, but they all serve a similar purpose – and that’s to extract breast milk and allow it to be stored for use at another time (or to replace the need for a baby to suckle their mother’s nipple).